We are top suppliers of quality uniforms to several schools in Nigeria and have spent over 33 years in the Garment Manufacturing industry in Nigeria.

We have the complete experience of designing, manufacturing and supplying smart comfortable uniforms. We combine trendy colours and design timeless pieces to boost your students’ confidence all year round.
We maintain a very high quality standard, are confident in our work and have remained the preferred partner with leading schools for several years because we believe school uniforms are not just pieces of material cut and sewn together, they are a collection of memories for students and the parents/guardians who raise them. They are also a constant reminder of your school’s reputation and heritage to the world.
It is why we take great care in creating uniforms of high-grade quality and go the extra mile to get the right cut for each student.
We enjoy steady patronage based on our quality fabric sourcing and durability, excellent turnaround time, fittings and large scale production capacity.

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