We make corporate gifting a worthy investment that pays off.

We are a convenient single-point for high quality corporate gifting items. We curate and design timeless pieces that stand out both as marketing tools and storytelling opportunities for your brand, because we believe a good story about your brand takes you places.

For over 18 years, we have become a household name in the design and supply of diaries and corporate gift items. Our top-quality products come in unique designs that leave good feelings with your stakeholders.


We manufacture uniforms that portray your brand and personnel at their best.

We do that by creating eye-catching designs, sourcing high-grade fabrics and ensuring proper fitting through solid quality checks. Anything to make your first impressions count.

Our quality and durability of materials used, keen attention to details, excellent turnaround time, strong customer support and large scale production capacity have sustained steady patronage from our clients over the years.

We are also very flexible with client demands. We can provide custom material, locally made or imported uniforms.



We bring a modern twist to African tradition for men of good taste.

We’ve clothed some of Africa’s most elegant and respected leaders; and we keep to our promise of simplicity with keen attention to detail. From boardroom to bar to red carpet, our outfits are versatile and blend with every occasion, this ensures you feel relevant and comfortable at all times.



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What we can help you achieve

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Strong industry expertise
  • Our heritage speaks for us. We have stayed long enough in the industry to know what works. With us, you’ll always get expert hands and eyes working for you.
Large scale production capacity
  • We constantly invest in our production team and equipment; and can deliver large volume orders.
Relentless focus on your needs
  • We count it a success when you are satisfied and work hard to make that happen.
Quality delivery
  • We are big on quality. We have access to some of the best local and international partners across the supply chain and have a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability.
High level of professionalism
  • Our processes have been refined over the years to ensure you get what you want when you need it.