We are a Creative Solution Provider and we have been satisfying clients since 1985.


This is how it all began

In 1985,we opened shop with the sole focus of providing top-notch clothing and personal tailoring services. Fifteen years and numerous satisfied customers later, a new demand arose and a challenge was posed to us. Could we replicate our outstanding quality delivery in corporate gifts distribution as well? Well we were willing to try and with that one try, would you believe the demands have not stopped pouring in and the requests have remained a steady stream!

With the rising demands from our clients, we officially launched our corporate gifts service, creating diaries and notebooks with our signature top-notch quality, to the satisfaction of our clients.


At Bola Francis Enterprise Limited, we pride ourselves in our dedication to provide quality service for our clients to the very last detail. Our keen attention to detail ensures that we satisfy you to the peak of your desire.


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