Corporate Gifts



Your diary is not just a product, but a vehicle that carries your company’s brand essence for every day of the year. We are committed to delivering diaries that are designed and produced to your exact specification with the back up of our full editorial and research services to provide any specialist information you may require.
Using state of the art techniques we produce a wide range of options from leather to paperback diaries. Our task is everything from conceptualization to design and then production and delivery. We have over the years recorded 99% success with every client regardless of the size of organization or production scale.


Notebooks desiged and produced by Bola Frances make great gifts, as well a promotional material for your business. Our high quality, professional-grade printing always are a work of art and extremely durable.

Cardholders and

Our leatherwork skills extend to most accessories and we produce a variety of complementary leather goods to the highest standard for our clients.


Here is a partial list of our clients:

  • Wapic Insurance 150
  • Sterling Bank
  • Atlantic Hall Int Sch
  • Trinity Int College
  • imperial home
  • Unified-Payments
  • Prince Hotel
  • Michelin logo
  • ICS Logo
  • Emadeb Energy
  • GT Bank
  • DSCL
  • DataMax
  • CMB Group Logo
  • AXA Mansard
  • Access Bank
  • Enough is Enough
  • Office Everything
  • Monipulo